Feedback from Tim's customers, peers, and bosses.

Tim Gary is a talented, hardworking, man of integrity. I have had the honor of working as his subordinate with his full-time employer (I no longer work there, so I can speak honestly about my experience), and I can honestly say that I can think of no one I respect more as a IT professional or as a human being. I have personally watched him interact with customers of varied IT expertise, and he has always been careful to explain his actions on the customer's level without any hint of condescension. Tim did not ask me to do this - in fact he did not even tell me he was starting this business - I simply wanted to make sure that potential customers were aware of some intangibles that Tim is too modest to share himself. 

- Levi Johnson (former TTU student worker under Tim's supervision)

One of the sisters in our church had the nicest things to say about you. I'm not surprised. You have the right mix of warm personality and technical skills to do well in this business as long as there remains a demand.

- Randall King (coworker at TTU)